Are you available for constultation on the Vastu Shastras? What are you fees for the same?

My interpretation of the Vastu Shastras is based on the climate and comfort aspects of the built environment. This is not “Vastu Consultation” as most people (self including) see it. Therefore, if you want to know where you should place X/Y or Z object for the sake of your health/wealth/happiness, I’m the wrong person.

Climatic and human comfort aspects are automatically considered during any design process at bT Square Peg, so there is no question of extra consultation fees.

Can the principles of Vastu be applied to entire townships? There is little mention of this aspect in your book.

Town planning has not been covered in the book because most people want to know about Vastu in relation to their personal dwellings/offices. To answer the question; yes, as far as the climatic aspects of Vastu are concerned, they can naturally be applied to townships at both, the individual as well as at the overall levels. However, that is no substitute to good town planning. Vastu can, at most, play a supporting role in such a situation.

I am these days going through tough times, so I am reading a lot on Vastu/Feng Shui. Is there something I can do/correct which will give a boost to my career and wealth?

Have you read the book? If you have, I must really be a terrible, terrible writer!

But seriously; during tough times, the most rational of us could become superstitious – it’s a natural human tendency. All I can say is, if a change will make you feel better, go ahead and make it. Often, feeling better is a prelude to doing better. However, if it makes things difficult in any way: visually, practically or even financially, you’re better off waiting out the storm. This is a personal opinion and you’re welcome to think differently.

But Vastu has helped so many people. How can you argue with that?

When applied in the correct context, the basic principles of Vastu are wonderful. Please remember that the Vastu Shastras were developed centuries ago when we didn’t have fans, lights, garbage disposal units, air-conditioning, apartment blocks, telephones… the list is endless. Also, the principles work best on independent structures. You will notice in most diagrams, the four sides of a house are unattached to others. In today’s congested world, this is a luxury most of us urban folk can not afford. Today, Vastu is often bandied about as a cure for all your problems. I am against the commercial exploitation of this science by obfuscation.