The choice of materials is an important factor for determining a construction’s cost effectiveness and level of environmental friendliness, or sustainability.

Recycling from Waste

There are lots of materials like flyash and coconut husk that are considered waste but there’s no reason why they should be.
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Using Renewable Materials

Apart from materials derived from waste or those that are recycled, we also have the option to use materials that are renewed by nature on a regular basis.
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Local Materials

It may sound old-fashioned and Gandhian, but if building materials can be sourced from the local area rather than from halfway across the country, you are not just saving on fossil fuel used in transportation but, most likely choosing something that is appropriate for the local climatic conditions.
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Misusing RCC

As wasteful as one can get for low-rise structures, RCC is often used because people are led to believe that there’s no alternative.
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It is cheap. It’s efficient. Oh, and it kills people.
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