Recommendation Script is Back

Of late, the “recommend this” script which I’d set up for the free Vastu book was getting hit in a big way by spambots. After much procrastination (and stupidly hoping they would just go away!) I finally pulled it down a couple of weekends ago. Now it’s back with some CAPTCHA protection.

It’s based on this “tell a friend” script that I found at digital point. Needless to say, it’s been heavily tweaked to conform to web standards and to behave exactly the way I want but, most importantly, it seems to have pretty solid security.

Edit: The link to digital point is now broken.

10K Visitors

Yesterday, at 1:55 pm Indian time, this site had it’s 10,000th visitor. Looking at the logs, I found that about 40% of them have been here in the last 6 months alone. I guess I should thank EStats for their free tracking service.

For some reason, my book on the Vastu Shastras seems to a big attraction with almost half the visitors heading straight for that section of the site. I am also getting lots of questions on that subject. I guess I can’t postpone an updating of the FAQs much longer.

Today, there was a mail from Keoz which calls itself a “Science Vertical Portal”. It’s a directory, not a search engine and if I’m not mistaken submissions are vetted by humans before they’re approved. They wanted to list me in the Engineering section, but I thought I’d rather be in Architecture… Let’s see if they accept.

Edited on 2012.03.07
The Keoz site (sometimes unreliable) is at