Save Ink by Using EcoFont

This isn’t something most people look into but a company called spranq in has created this font which saves ~20% of your ink. They recommend a laser printer for best results but, since I don’t have one, I tried it on my regular inkjet and didn’t find any degradation of quality upto 14pt at least. However, on screen as you can see in the attached image, it starts to get irritating. Ecofont is free although the developers do take donations.

Get it from :: Ecofont

Compariing Ecofont with Arial and Verdana

Compariing Ecofont with Arial and Verdana

Hill House Font

I’ve been looking for something like this for ages – in fact I even tried creating this font once many years ago. It wasn’t a very professional job but I used it for a while anyway.

Based on Charles Rennie Mackintosh’s typeface for the Hill House in Helensburgh, Scotland, this font has been created by the same brilliant designers who made the logos for Mozilla’s Thunderbird and Firefox. The font also has special characters for the words ‘to’, ‘at’ and ‘of’, and comes in Mac, PC and Opentype formats.

Go to :: hicksdesign


CadDepot also has a massive collection of blocks to insert into your drawings. Not all of them are freeware though and please look out for blocks that have been created by unlicensed versions of AutoCad. If you’ve ever had your drawings “infected” with the Educational Version watermark, you’ll know why this is important to check.

There are also lots of Fonts, font utilities and LISP routines so subscribing (free) to their newsletter will inform you of updates. You will need to sign up to access the files at this site anyway and it is well worth it in my opinion. They have never spammed me till date.

They also have a “make font” utility designed to aid in creating and customising SHX fonts. The program is designed so that anyone can customise fonts without having a thorough knowledge of shape files.