Free Beta of SpecifiCAD

CADalytic Media has released a free beta of SpecifiCAD for ArchiCAD 10/11, AutoCAD, ADT, Revit and Sketchup. SpecifiCAD allows you to click on a building component within each of these programs and access its CAD details, 3D models, specifications and Green information using the Sweets Catalog network and the Sketchup 3D warehouse depositories.

Download SpecifiCAD from

Edit: Sorry to say the site seems to be no longer available.

GDL Toolbox only in Hungarian

This is was a plugin that worked as a 3D object editor within ArchiCAD 9 but was never updated for v.10 – or so we thought. In fact, the original link referred to in an older post – [[gdl toolbox – freeware]] doesn’t work any more. Just when I’ve started to learn GDL, one of the finest tools made for it is no longer usable. Unless you know Hungarian.

Go to ::

Free Archicad Plugins from Arexline

Arexline are distributing two free plugins for Archicad. rxDuplicator allows you to place copies of a selected element along any path, whether straight, curved or splined. rxAutoMaterials helps you create material parameters for GDL objects.

Edit: I don’t know exactly when, but has disappeared off the face of the internet. Bad luck!

Shell Extensions for Drawing Files

Here’s some freeware that will make it easier to sort and find drawing files in Windows Explorer. DWGcolumn which can list files by the version of AutoCAD in which it was saved is extremely useful. The screenshots on the site make the use of each utility quite clear.
EDIT: It looks as though the site is no longer available on the internet.

Drawing Gateway

If you’re using a slightly old version of AutoCAD, you’ll find yourself cursing those who send you drawings in the latest format because they won’t open properly on your system. Clean up your language – DwgGateway is here to help. It can open and save-as from and to just about any version of *.dwg files.

Lest you think this is the work of some frustrated guy who can’t afford the latest from AutoDesk, think again. DwgGateway comes to you from SolidWorks who probably feel that if you can’t beat the giants, you can at least be a thorn in their flesh.

Oh, and while this is a Must Have software, please don’t get excited about its PDF writing capabilities – they’re nothing to write home about.

EDIT: This software seems no longer available from SolidWorks although there seems to be a similar download available here that claims to have been recently updated.

Alternatively, you might want to download DraftSight which is a free 2D CAD software for Windows, Mac and Linux and can save further back than AutoCAD itself.