The Synopsis is Done

I have submitted the synopsis of my dissertation, “Adapting Urban Neighbourhoods for Climate Change” to Mumbai University. I’ll be handing in the entire book by April. Then, it’s a matter of waiting until they assemble a jury.

Meanwhile, in the coming weeks and months, I intend to post some of my findings on this site. I have already put a few up on Twitter, but there are many others as well.

Street network for an old part of Bombay city.
Street network for an old part of Bombay.

Concrete’s Contribution to Global Warming

I’ve railed against the unnecessary use of concrete for years but I was not aware that it is such a huge contributor to Carbon Dioxide emissions – 10% of the worldwide total according to some estimates.

Here’s an interesting article because it gives a few alternatives to the use of concrete – most of them are not available here but, nonetheless, the article is worth reading.

Go to :: Concrete: a ‘Burning’ Issue