eDrawing Viewer

If you need to send a *.dwg file to someone who doesn’t have AutoCAD loaded on their system, you can download the bloated, official, DWG TrueView from AutoDesk which weighs in at 109 Megabytes. Or, you could go and get eDrawingsViewer which may not have such a wonderful interface but will get your work done perfectly well. It reads almost any version of *.dwg files and supports paper-space too.

Like [[drawing gateway]], this product too is created by SolidWorks who seem to be targeting the leader’s high-priced software in their quest for a share of the market.
~6 Megabytes


I’ve been using this simple and straightforward viewer for as long as I can remember and it just keeps getting better. It can open and print almost any image file I throw at it – and I’ve thrown quite a few over the years. As if that’s not enough, it has a plugin system to extend it’s capabilities (some of the plugins are not free).

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~900 kilobytes