OttoPDF Found – Sort of

On the PDF page I said that I was unable to find a downloadable copy of OttoPDF anywhere on the internet. Now, thanks to a visitor from Austria and another from Canada, I can say that at least one copy is still available.

The catch? You’ll need a .NET passport (a Hotmail account would also do) because the file is hosted on an MSN group called “Ottomagic“. In all probability you will have to join this group before you can download the file.

So, now that you have the link, is it really worth going through the process? Given the fact that the software is just 615 kilobytes my own view is that it’s definitely worth a try. The one drawback with OttoPDF is, it can’t handle drawings that use TTFs (True Type Fonts) – it only works with AutoCAD’s native SHX fonts. Other than that, it’s a brilliant idea and a wonderful program.

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