Panna and Bhopal

Made a trip to Panna Wildlife Sanctuary in Northern MP. Although it’s a tiger reserve, we certainly didn’t see any big cats – not a single carnivore for that matter. There was a lone pug-mark during the last jeep ride but none of the excitement that one has when one is trying to catch a glimpse of the animals. A high point, though, was seeing a large number of Chinkaras (Indian Gazelles) on the plateau.

As far as insects are concerned, I saw a lot of Rounded Pierrot [Tarucus nara] and Lesser Grass Blue [Zizina otis] butterflies, a plume moth and an unidentified creature with an attitude.

Went to Khajuraho for a day but it was quite a washout because of the weather. Finally, after dodging the rain for 2 hours, we decided to give up and go back. Having always seen photographs of the famous (and infamous) sculptures in sharp relief, the results from my own camera was a let-down.

Before returning to Bombay, I stopped off in Bhopal and had an opportunity to see Bharat Bhavan by Charles Correa. I’m afraid the place is not being utilised to it’s potential. Also, the Museum of Man was a disaster. They have acres and acres of space and a large part of it is just lying there – doing nothing. Sad.

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