A Few Days of Hard Labour at Patan, Lonavala

When asked if I would join this JCWP project, I naturally jumped at the chance. I had no idea at the time that 2000 volunteers would be taking part! Come to think of it, we probably need those numbers if we’re going to try and build 100 homes within a week!

And the architect in me is still sceptical that it can be done. It’s quite possible, I’m sure, when you’re working with wood-frame construction but, here it’s all masonry (the website talks of concrete block) – that too with so many amateurs around.

I just hope I’m totally wrong.

2 thoughts on “A Few Days of Hard Labour at Patan, Lonavala

  1. You were wrong indeed, we managed to finish the 100 houses. The project management team was very realistic on the performance of us, low skilled maceons, capenters, and cement mixers.

  2. Very true Thomas. Very true. And it was a lot of fun as well, wasn’t it.

    What house were you working on? My group and I were assigned to no. 47/48 with Holly Eaton as House Leader.

    I will post a report with photos as soon as I get some TIME!

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