Download GDL Cookbook 3 [PDF]

I could have sworn this page didn’t exist when I searched for such a download some months ago. I’d found some sites selling the book for a few bucks but now the author himself is giving it away.

“The GDL Cookbook 3 is out of print and I am unable to get Cookbook 4 out, so I am providing a free download for the PDF (no print, no edit) copy.”

It’s over 7 years old but still useful today and, hopefully, David Nicholson-Cole will be able to bring out the version 4 soon. I’m waiting to buy it.

Go to :: GDL Cookbook 3

2 thoughts on “Download GDL Cookbook 3 [PDF]

  1. Je cherche à avoir lesmodalités d’acquisition de la dernière version de Cookbook. Mais en attendant, je serait très enchanté de parcourir la version 3 grâce à free download. Merci

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