Concrete’s Contribution to Global Warming

I’ve railed against the unnecessary use of concrete for years but I was not aware that it is such a huge contributor to Carbon Dioxide emissions – 10% of the worldwide total according to some estimates.

Here’s an interesting article because it gives a few alternatives to the use of concrete – most of them are not available here but, nonetheless, the article is worth reading.

Go to :: Concrete: a ‘Burning’ Issue

2 thoughts on “Concrete’s Contribution to Global Warming

  1. Global Warming is a myth. It’s just an attempt to make everyone on the planet concerned about the same things and thus trying to “unite” the world under “global” concerns, so that One World government can be ushered in. Try doing a search on REAL scientists (not Al Gore’s) who have done reasearch on sunspots and their relationship to the temperature of the earth. THAT’s the real scare. NOT the PC Global Warming!

  2. Just sunspots, huh? Nothing to do with excessive carbon dioxide emissions? Wow!

    And… umm… what exactly is your objection to peace on earth?

    BTW, have you considered applying to your local oil company (or your friendly neighbourhood arms dealer) for a job in PR?

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