Is Rowan Atkinson’s House Really That Bad?

This subject has been blogged and tweeted all over the place but few seem to have seen any photographs of the proposed house or, if they have, they’re keeping it well under wraps. The architect’s website doesn’t seem to list it and I finally managed a glimpse of the proposed “futuristic petrol station” in an article by the Daily Mail. The house it intends to replace looks, to my mind, rather boring and and I see no reason for replicating something of such little architectural interest.

It’s hard to judge what the house will actually look like based on a single bird’s eye view, so I’ll reserve comment on that. I am more interested in knowing how much energy it will save – and how sustainable it will be – compared to the old style.

Oh, and for the record, Black Adder was fine but I really dislike that Mr. Bean chap.

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