Malshej Ghat

I’ve been to Malshej Ghat before but this time it was well after the monsoon had withdrawn from Western India. We stayed at the Flamingo Resort which has deteriorated a lot since the last visit. It was in private hands for a while and now that the MTDC has taken it over again, it seems to be going to the dogs. It’s a pity because the location is so beautiful and there’s no competition for a hundred kilometres.

I was with a group of amateur entomologists from the Bombay Natural History Society. The BNHS has been conducting distance learning in that subject for the last few years and since I’ve always been interested in the little creatures, going into the wilds with like-minded people gives me an extra kick. The highlight for me was seeing – for the first time – a beautiful butterfly known as the Indian Red Flash [Rapala melampus]. I don’t have a worthwhile image but you will find one here.

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