Marvin Doors and Windows

If only all manufacturers were as concerned about having their products accurately and easily inserted into CAD drawings. Marvin sets the standard by giving architects not just basic 2D drawings (dwg and dxf) but 3D symbols for ARCHICAD, Revit, SoftPlan, Chief Architect, and SketchUp!

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EDIT 2020.02.05
ARCHICAD files are now only available under the “SIGNATURE MODERN” collection. Other software seem to have a more complete set of drawings, details, and parametric parts.

2 thoughts on “Marvin Doors and Windows

  1. Doesn’t look like Marvin offers anything for Revit. Does anyone have any experience with importing 3D dwg window files into Revit? I would think there may be performance issues if you add 10 or more windows.

  2. Hopefully someone will give you an answer, Pete. I’ve never used Revit but, in ArchiCAD, there are performance issues if the imported 3DS object has too many polygons. Technically, the translation from one AutoDesk product to another should be more compact but then you never know…

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