Greenwashing in Architecture

I’ve been watching the much-talked-about Antilia building on Altamount Road come up these last few months and other than the architects, nobody seems to know what exactly is so green about it (apart from vegetation hanging over the side). Like many others, I’m convinced this is a major case of green-washing but, what I like is very much, is the debate being generated by this monstrosity.

LEED ratings and even our own home-grown GRIHA system which I wrote about earlier are always going to be open to manipulation and I would prefer to see them being used as check-lists to help architects design sustainable structures rather than as “certificates” of sustainable design. The article linked below gives, I think, a very balanced view of this issue.

Full article: Slate Magazine via: Arzan’s blog
Edit: The Slate article no longer exists — but greenwashing continues unabated!

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